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D Ash
Embrace your dreams and prove your honor...
...and it hit me. Yeah, today, this damn morning, the minute before I left the train. I saw there a girl which was next to crying. The desire to help her came out of nowhere the way it did all the years before. That's it damn it. That is. That's exactly what I want to do. To help people to escape from all the shit around us, from all that's so damn wrong in this world, from all I personally hate. To inspire people. That's why I should never stop, that's why I have to try my hard. That's why I am important too. So from now on "veni, vidi, vici" is much more than just a phrase - it's my religion, my credo, all there is to my life. Watch me.

@темы: Limits, Мысли и прочий стаф

2012-04-18 в 10:37 

лучше быть, чем казаться
gonna be a superhero? )

2012-04-23 в 05:35 

D Ash
Embrace your dreams and prove your honor...
Almost. )